• Custom training advice, because your dog is an individual
  • ​Step by step guidelines for your training goals
  • ​Easy to follow lessons on demand to suit your schedule
  • ​See your dog transform their behaviour within days of getting started and improve your relationship
Dogs make our lives better. Make their lives better with fun and motivational training. You'll light up when you see how much your dog does.

The reason this training makes your dog happier is it gives them clear direction in what we want, and don't want, and cuts out the confusion


  • You are surrounded by conflicting information and trying all different techniques is only confusing you (and your dog) even more
  • ​You're scared to even start because you are worried you'll only make it worse
  • ​You really want to fit it in but making it to classes just won't fit in your schedule because life is busy! 
  • You're spending way too much on the latest gizmos and gadgets to get your dog to stop pulling and be more attentive
  • ​You know your dog is really the goodest dog ever deep down, but just has some, er, quirks.

Case Study: Louise & Archer

If your dog pulls, lunges or barks at distractions, such as other dogs, on walks, I want you to listen to Louise's story. She adopted a lovely rescue dog named Archer but was disheartened when Archer showed reactivity towards other dogs and she didn't know how to solve it.

As a member of Frantic To Focused, Louise was able to use what she learned to completely change Archer's behaviour - with easy to understand, simple and fun training.  


You don't need to wait for your schedule to magically align with a training class or a personal dog trainer. Simply join today and jump right in—we promise you'll like it, or your money back.


Your dog is trotting along happily by your side as you walk down the street, occasionally checking in with you to see if you want anything... He picks up something he shouldn't but then immediately spits it out as you calmly say, "leave it."

Later, your family comes to visit and your dog is able to stay inside because he can greet your visitors without jumping up on anybody, avoiding damaged clothes and dangerous falls and scratches.

The next day you need to go out for the day, and you can confidently leave your dog at home, knowing that there will be no nuisance barking.

These are the life skills that we teach every dog through the Dog Matters Academy. It's not all about sit and stay, although that's covered too, it's about a happier and easier life with your dog from day to day.

You're so close to all this and more. I know this because...


I grew up with animals, all I wanted to do was work with animals. But I just wanted to be with them and enjoy their company. I didn't find an interest in training until later on.

When I started training, it was all about the dog. I learned how to read a dog and understand what they are thinking and I learned how to communicate with them an get them to listen and obey. I discovered that through training, the relationship we can have with our dogs can be deeper and even more meaningful and our time with them even more enjoyable. 

But something critical was missing - how to teach the dog's owner in an effective way. When I started training professionally I quickly realised that this missing piece was crucial but often overlooked. While I can train your dog, what you really need to learn is how to BE your dog's trainer and communicate with them effectively so that you can live with them in the most enjoyable way. 

There is no point in a trainer training your dog if you don't truly understand how to maintain it in a way that fits your lifestyle. So in the Academy, the focus is on effectively teaching you to be the trainer your dog needs, so that the results actually stick. 

We teach a formula that helps every dog and their owner and is easy to follow, while at the same time providing help on the unexpected, the variations and the challenges that may come up from the fact that you and your dog are individuals and no two are exactly alike.

Hi, I'm Your Trainer, Tenille

I'm an animal trainer and over the years I have trained with horses, dogs, dingoes, emus, and cotton top tamarin monkeys.

But most importantly, I train people how to teach their dogs in a way that opens up communication, makes training fun and enhances the human-dog relationship. 

I was qualified in dog behaviour and trainign through the NDTF in 2010 and have continued my education through seminars and online learning with trainers from around the world. 

Apart from animals I love music, the ocean, travelling, pole dancing and scuba diving. And I believe it's important to have a laugh and lighten up, both when teaching and learning.


It's easy to think that if our dog is doing something we don't like, we need to create the situation and address it when it's happening. In reality, there are six areas that all contribute to how your dog behaves and their overall happiness. When you look around the Academy for the first time, you'll find these pillars reinforced throughout the easy training steps.


Making sure your dog's environment is set up to prevent boredom and keep up healthy habits that prevent destruction


Ensure you're dog's diet is as healthy as possible, because what goes in not only effects what comes out the other end, but what comes out in behaviour.


Just like us, dogs need physical as well as mental exercise to perform at their best.


Putting a simple and highly effective communication system in place will have you and your dog understanding each other on a new level.


Everyone needs rules and boundaries to keep them safe. You may only have to make some small tweaks to your house rules to see big changes in your dog.


We use rewards first and choose the least intrusive correction techniques required to get results and stop unwanted behaviour, showing your dog how to make the right choices to get back to focusing on fun.

Student Case Study: Ariel, Belli & Gizmo

A New Rescue Dog Brought New Challenges

Ariel's new puppy Belli was a handful at first but Ariel was able to teach her from a young age to be a well behaved dog. Things were on track, but then Ariel adopted a rescue dog named Gizmo.

Ariel quickly realised how true it is that every dog is different and was able to use the Academy lessons and the 6 pillars to create a lot of enjoyable times with both dogs, without the crazy behaviour. 

Student Case Studies: Success Stories

Each student and their dog are individuals and have unique situations, challenges and personalities. Some of our students just want better behaviour for their dog. Others are professional trainers here to improve their skills and help more clients. With this training, everyone can reach their individual goals with their dogs, or any other dog they would like to help.


If you've ever felt frustrated with your dog's antics and want to know how to make real changes with real fun, it's time to get training and finally have that well-mannered dog that listens. Here's what's inside our Virtual Dog School program, which is our foundational program:

Learn to read your dog, to understand what they're thinking and to get why they do what they do and the principles of how to change ANY behaviour. 
  • How to choose the most suitable rewards and equipment
  • ​How dogs learn
  • ​Important words to use to keep it simple for you and your dog
  • ​The safest way to handle the leash

Good manners in and out of the home are some of the most important skills you can teach your dog. All those skills are right here in easy to follow step by step lessons. A well mannered dog goes beyond just sit and stay - here's where to start.
  • Simple house rules to encourage manners naturally
  • ​Some essential skills outside of traditional commands that will come in handy in all areas of life
  • What really is socialisation and how to do it correctly
  • ​Teaching your dog to choose to focus on you around distractions
  • ​How to teach the loose lead walk
  • ​How to reward your dog if he/she won't work for food

Traditional commands are a lot more fun than they used to be - for both of you! But they are still important skills for your dog to have. Let's have some fun and make sit happen, among other things!
  • Teaching a rock solid recall
  • ​Sit and stay
  • ​Down and stay
  • ​Stand and stay
  • ​How to fade out lures and treats and increase reliability

Hopefully you're digging these titles. If not, at least we can help with your dog digging up your garden! We can also help with barking, destruction and other unwanted behaviours. Module coming soon.
  • The concept of stopping any unwanted behaviour
  • ​Digging
  • ​Excessive barking
  • ​Chewing
  • ​Mouthing & biting

In this module we will help you create a feeding and enrichment schedule that works for you and your dog by keeping her occupied while you're busy or away so that boredome and destruction are prevented and your dog works their instincts of searching, chewing and working things out. Module coming soon.
  • Recommended diet 
  • How to enrich your dog's day to day
  • ​Exercise that incorporates your training

Do you feel like fetch is not going to happen? Learn how to do the really fun stuff with your dog like cool tricks and retrieves. Not only can you show off your dog's skills but doing this also helps with your dog loving listening to you and increases your bond.
  • Using a clicker
  • Target Training
  • Teaching A Spin
  • Teaching Your Dog To Blow Bubbles
  • ​Easier Vet Care And Grooming With The Chin Rest
  • ​Scent Work - teach your dog to find things with his nose!

More than just a fun party trick, using your dog's natural and amazing scent abilities has many benefits. Anything that uses your dog's natural instincts to your advantage is a win. Scent work gives your dog a challenge that feels good and leaves them nice and tired. Plus it's handy for those days you can't find your keys!

Sit, Wait... Are You Ready? Enrol now!

Our foundation program detailed above, this is the course for any puppy or adult dog that needs to learn the obedience and manners skills that everyone benefits from:
  • How to understand how dogs learn and how we can use this information to teach them
  • ​Apply easy training that you can put into practice throughout your daily activities at home
  • ​Discover how to proof your training so that your dog can listen around distractions and in different environments
  • ​Create engagement and both automatic and on cue focus from your dog
  • ​Learn the most essential commands every dog needs to know
  • ​Easy to understand and apply
Our signature program on dog reactivity. I your dog is highly distracted or barks and lunges towards other dogs on walks, this program will help you turn your dog from Frantic To Focused and enjoy your walks together, as it should be.
  • How to change what happens at the human end of the leash to help your dog
  • ​Get control of panic, embarrassment and fear on walks
  • ​Learn what to do in an emergency like an off leash dog approaching you
  • ​Create engagement and both automatic and on cue focus from your dog
  • ​Learn the most essential commands to help you work on reactivity
  • ​Instructions on how to work around your dog's trigger in a safe and productive way and get them through their fears
  • ​If you're a dog trainer, use this training program to help your clients see more success with their reactive dogs.
Getting a new puppy is so exciting. They are just so cute, right? And that very cuteness makes it easy to forget how hard puppy raising can be! Follow the Raise The Woof program, plus get support from Tenille and other members to make sure your cute pup becomes the best dog they can be. Learn how to:
  • Toilet train your puppy within 2 weeks
  • What socialisation actually means and how to do it correctly while your pup is most impressionable
  • ​How to leash train a puppy
  • ​How to stop mouthing, biting and jumping up
  • ​How to stop chewing and destruction in young pups

Buy the eBooks!

Get the eBook that takes the confusion out of dog training and puts facts into an easy to understand language for you, so that you can speak the language of your dog.
Are you looking for an explanation of dog training that helps you to understand how your dog thinks and learns? Looking for information online can be so confusing as there is so much conflicting advice. In Training Matters, we explain not just the how of dog training, but the why, so that you know what to do and why to do it this way.
WHY does my dog do that?! And what can I do about it?
Answering these two questions is my job, . This ebook is a collection of articles on why our dogs do the things they do, and what we can do to get them to do more of the things we like, and less of the things we don't.

Meet some of our members














Max and Milly







OH, BEHAVE! (Value $197)

Everything you need for a well mannered dog. A rock solid recall, traditional commands and invaluable training to teach your dog to want to listen to you.

RAISE THE WOOF (Value $49) 

Everything you need to raise your puppy, perfectly


The complete 5 part signature program for reactive dogs. Stop barking, lunging, pulling on lead and create focus on you in any situation with step by step lessons and trouble shooting.  

SO FETCH (Value $49) 

Learn cool tricks to show off to your friends and create a real fun team with your dog, improve your relationship with your dog and increase engagement and cooperation.


Unleash the benefits of scent training, work your dog's mind and natural abilities, and never worry about losing your keys again

THE SPOT - Members only support group (Value $500 - priceless)

PERSONAL FEEDBACK ON YOUR TRAINING - Post videos of your training or jump on live calls to have your individual questions answered (Value $500) 

Total value: $1,444 

All yours for only...
A well trained dog is just a few clicks away!


Will this work for my dog?

It's true - every dog is an individual, so how can you know if it will work for your dog? The science of animal behaviour applies to just about every animal. The differences where tweaks need to be made happen with temperament - how hard or soft a dog is, and the ability of the handler. In all the training we discuss variants and differences that could come up, as well as how to handle them. Additionally, you can post questions and videos in the support group for feedback and get personalised help for your situation.

Do you show dogs that aren't trained? 

Yes! The lessons show a variety of dogs who have not received training before. We use client's dogs as well as our own dogs to demo lessons and everything they are learning in the videos is either brand new, needs improvement or is to show a common issue or unique behaviour to trouble shoot.
Do you guarantee results?
I guarantee that if you follow the training you will see a major difference in your dog's behavour. But I can't fully guarantee what an individual animal (or human) will do in at any given time - no one can do that, so watch out for extreme claims.

When do I get access? 

As soon as you sign up to one of the courses in Academy you will be sent your login details and be able to access the training within minutes! 

How much training time do I need to put in each day? 

It's up to you! The more you put in, the more you get out BUT dogs actually learn best with short sessions - so even if you put in just 5 minutes per day you're going to get results. The other thing is, many parts of training become a way of life rather than a formal training session. When you understand how your dog thinks, you'll be training your dog for better habits like second nature.
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