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Your dog is waiting. What do you want to learn today?

Puppy Priorities

Do you have a new puppy? Want to make puppy-hood as easy as possible and to know you’re setting your puppy up to be the best dog they can be?

Training Matters

This dog training handbook is written by Tenille Williams and guides you through how dogs learn and how to get your dog to listen to you – now with bonus training videos

Clicks & Tricks

Trick training builds your bond with your dog, makes communication between you easier, keeps them mentally tired at the end of a session (so you can relax) and makes them more obedient!

Virtual Dog School

Start by learning how best to communicate with your dog and then how to harness the power of that to teach your dog to be obedient and happy.

The Training Vault

For members of the Dog Matters Inner Circle, access and learn from problem solving lessons, training examples and case studies with Dog Matters clients

Affiliate Dashboard

Refer a friend and earn commisions with our exclusive Affiliate Program!

Frantic to Focused

If your dog is barking and lunging at other dogs on walks or is just so distracted that they are not enjoyable to walk, this program is for you

eBook: Why Does My Dog?

This awesome reference guide offers answers to the questions you may be too embarrassed about your dog’s behaviour, and how to change it.

Your Downloads Area

Running a Dog Training Business?

Check out our easy and accessible platform for dog training business owners, tailored to suit your business needs.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Access our freemium content below and get started unleashing the trainer within!

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