Find the Answers (Finally!) To ALL The “Dog” Questions
You Were Afraid to Ask

You won’t believe how many dog owners I meet… who are terrified to admit they have some potentially stupid questions about their dogs. And… as they don’t want to look silly, they never ask.

Look, I get it. Nobody is born an expert — and there’s no way you can predict the many pitfalls of taking care of a dog, let along training it.

There’s good news though…

Turns out, though, most of the questions I get asked are shockingly similar.

This is good news because it allows me to give you a reference guide that will likely contain most of the answers you seek.

Enter “Why Does My Dog?” – The Complete Reference Guide

to Decoding and Managing Your Dog’s Behavior

This reference guide covers:

  • ✓ How to pick a new puppy and which breed would be the best fit for your lifestyle
  • ✓ How to know if you’re ready for a second dog (of course, if you already have one)
  • ✓ How to read your dog’s body language so you have an almost “telepathic” connection with your pet
  • ✓ What the terms NILIF and “crate training” mean and how these two techniques can transform your relationship with your dog
  • ✓ How to stop destructive behaviors so you can enjoy a happy, calm dog
  • ✓ 10 myths you may believe about how to train your dog – debunked and explained
  • ✓ How to socialize your dog (and minimize the risk of getting sued for failing to control your dog)
  • ✓ How to prevent loud barking inside your home (and how to get back on your neighbors’ good side)
  • ✓ How to find out your dog’s favorite reward (and find out how much easier to train your dog is now)
  • ✓ 8 ways to prevent destructive behaviors (save your nerves AND your furniture)
  • and way, way more…

To be honest, I think I shared too many trade secrets in this guide for my own good. I’m sure you’ll agree when you read it…

… however, I also knew that anything less than that would not cut it. I had to address most issues dog owners face and give you an easy to follow guide for solving them.

For the price of a sandwich, today you get to discover how you can have your “dream dog”. Instead of worrying about their bad habits, you can now focus on actually having fun.

P.S. In my experience as a trainer, well-trained dogs have more fun as well… no dog truly wants to be nervous and aggressive. Help your dog have more fun when you buy the “Why Does My Dog?” reference guide today.
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