Virtual Dog School – $297

Ever wanted to run your dog through a program to turn them into a well mannered family member but couldn’t make it to a real dog club?

Start by learning how best to communicate with your dog and then how to harness the power of that to teach your dog to be obedient and happy.

Join me in Virtual Dog School where I guide you step by step from naughty and not listening to well mannered.

This course includes:
– Puppy Priorities Course
– Clicks and Tricks Course

I’ve been to Tenille from Dog Matters many times with my German Shepherd and each time I have been thoroughly impressed with her training. No matter what problem I have had with my dog, Tenille has been able to help me understand the situation and find a solution that works for both myself and my dog. She is extremely knowledgable and patient, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”– Christina Luken

Module 1: The Foundations (6 full lessons)

The lessons in this module are crucially important in setting the foundations before you start training, including the gears and equipment, rewards, etc.

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Module 2: Important Life Skills (10 full lessons)

The skills in this module are important skills to teach your dog that may not fit into the “traditional obedience” set of commands, but are behaviours that will make life easier for you and your dog to live with each other and set you up for your obedience training to go more smoothly.

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Status: Not Started

Module 3: How To Leash Train Your Puppy (10 full lessons)

In this module, you’ll find lessons on all the classic dog obedience skills. Including sit, down, stay, recall, and many more!

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Status: Not Started

Tenille Williams


Tenille Williams is the founder and trainer of Dog Matters, which she launched in early 2011. Tenille has worked with literally hundreds of dogs and their owners to improve their manners and train out bad habits. Tenille is passionate about helping people to help their dogs and has even expanded to online training services helping people all over the world.


Access all courses (valued $845) for one year, with downloads, community support and monthly new dog training videos.

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