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Do you have a new puppy, or are you about to get one? Has it been a while or maybe it’s your first time and you’re feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed?

Puppy Priorities is the course for you. In this course, we explore the most important lessons you need to get through puppy raising without the stress. Set your puppy up to succeed as a well mannered and safe dog.

“I came across Tenille while looking online for resources to work with my own dog. Her training tips are practical and her advice is tailored to particular cases. Even though we live in different countries,Tenille was very forthcoming with her feedback and advice via the various channels, including online chat. My dog and I have made great improvements since, and we’re glad to have Tenille on our team.”  – Jaime Koh, Singapore

Module 1: Puppy Socialisation

Socialization is critically important for young puppies.That’s why the age between 3-16 weeks is known as the critical period.  In this module, you’ll learn what is socialisation and how to do it the RIGHT way!

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Module 2: Toilet Training

Toilet training can be a challenge. I’ve been there plenty of times myself. In this lesson we discuss the best ways to toilet train your new puppy with less accidents. This is also works on older dogs that missed out on toilet training, or need re-training.

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Module 3: How To Leash Train Your Puppy

In this module, you’ll learn how to properly train your puppy when using the leash and other important tips to consider.

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Module 4: How to Stop Mouthing, Biting & Jumping

House train your puppy to not destroy your prized possessions and furniture!  As well as stopping them from jumping early on. This module unveils the secrets in having a well-mannered puppy.

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Module 5 : Chewing and Destruction

With a bit of management early on you can prevent and cure chewing and destruction with ease. Over time your puppy can earn more and more freedom as they learn what they can chew or not chew.

Video lesson and downloads are available.

Tenille Williams


Tenille Williams is the founder and trainer of Dog Matters, which she launched in early 2011. Tenille has worked with literally hundreds of dogs and their owners to improve their manners and train out bad habits. Tenille is passionate about helping people to help their dogs and has even expanded to online training services helping people all over the world.

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